At VLC, elementary school starts with Grade 1 and goes up till Grade 5. As the Early Years Program builds the foundations of a unique, fulfilling learning journey for each child, the transition to elementary school (ES) is a gradual, gentle, scaffolded process. As the children are still quite young, the process of their individual development is still ongoing. Even though the children are progressing into a different kind of learning environment and a higher grade level, the heart and soul of the VLC ES education remains the child-centered approach that it has always been – children will continue to apply creative learning through play and a meaningful exploration of an in-house developed emergent curriculum - STAMP!

The STAMP curriculum includes:

S- Science and Stories
T- Technology as an enabler
A- Art as a way of life
M- Math, Music, Movement & Mindfulness (MMmm…)
P- Play which is guided, imaginative, non-directive, therapeutic, engineering, nature immersive and free.

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The STAMP curriculum draws inspiration from the Finnish Education system while keeping in mind the expected long-term learning milestones of the Cambridge International Exams (CIE). This unique, blended approach allows us to remain true to our philosophy, while also being mindful of the educational environment and standards that children are privy to.

The world is changing at a very fast pace. With technological advancements, the traditional job requirements are getting redundant. In an age where digital literacy and the use of technology is an inextricable part of daily life, it is not possible to ignore the use of technology and media in the classroom. When used to enable the learning process, technology provides a wide array of varied and complementary learning possibilities. At VLC, all learning integrates creativity, problem solving and application of data, which lies at the core of all lesson planning and extra-curricular activities. Traditional academic concepts are taught in unconventional ways and assessed on an individualised basis. We focus on the present needs of the child.


We firmly believe in the idea of the environment as the third teacher; within a supportive, collaborative and child-focused space, integrated learning takes place. Apart from traditional subjects (Math, English, Urdu and Science), the program beautifully inculcates the following areas, as part of the daily routines and rituals:

  • Kindness Curriculum: Kindness begins with self-kindness before others (after all, the world needs a lot of kindness).
  • Anti-Bullying Curriculum: awareness, counseling and promotion of a positive, accepting, and inclusive school culture and environment.
  • Mindfulness: This goes hand-in-hand with heartfulness, yoga & meditation.
  • Values & Ethics: Focuses on character building, Deen-kids, and history, geography and philosophy for kids.
  • Self-awareness: The report card is not an indicator of self-worth. It is important to develop heart-based authentic leaders.

The role of teachers is one of a facilitator and role model. Teaching at VLC ES is not a one-way approach. Teachers adopt the values we believe in- respect, curiosity and kindness. Our teachers are guides that offer patient, thoughtful scaffolding – revisiting essential ideas over time and at different developmental levels in order to help the students build new layers of complexity onto their existing knowledge.

Our aim is to instill, in our teachers and students alike, the thirst for learning, the freedom to be creative, and the curiosity to continually explore and discover.