welcome to vlc

Veritas Learning Circle is built on the hope that our space will be a place where people find their own individual truths...their own paths. It demands daring and believing, trying and failing and trying again because we have decided to stay true to who we are.

VLC is a place where boys can cry and girls are beautifully strong. A place where love is the driving force behind everything we do. Our parents partner with us in making learning fun - allowing the child to find their unique strengths and develop at their own pace.

It is our creative playground- the dream school we all wished we had growing up.

Come, live under this hope with us

Onwards and Upwards! Muzaffar Bukhari
Founder Principal

our vision

Just as Hummingbirds move from flower to flower, taking in nectar and carrying pollen along the way - our vision for our VLC Hummingbirds is for them to make it their purpose to fill themselves up with wisdom and knowledge from every source they find and then, not just keep it for themselves, but rather carry it with them from destination to destination, sharing it, spreading it, and enriching their community with everything they have to offer.